Helpdesk Support

It’s time to say goodbye to frustrating technical support calls

When you call a technical helpline, the person you speak to might know their way around the product, but they have no idea how your company works or what kind of IT environment you have – so how well equipped are they to help you in an IT emergency? When you partner with us we take the time to get to know your company. Plus all incoming support requests are logged, tracked, and managed through our Help Desk system which also stores historic information.

With Help Desk Services from Objective Technologies Ltd, you can rely on our team of experts to provide personal, professional telephone and remote support for your unique business. We also provide site visits if you have an issue we can’t fix remotely.

Forget ‘holding the line’, annoying piped music and robotic voices and get back up and running with hardware and software Help Desk services from Objective.

Help Desk services from Objective are:

  • Present - unlimited remote support during office hours (8.30 – 17.30)
  • Expert - our certifications and partnerships guarantee knowledgeable support
  • Qualified - our support engineers are experienced and qualified and all calls are monitored to ensure excellence
  • Predictable - thanks to our service level agreements you know exactly what to expect.

Help Desk Services from Objective are prioritized by 4 levels to ensure support requests are dealt with in the most efficient manner possible:

  • Critical – an issue that affects a large number of users and/or your business
  • High – an issue that affects a single user or service with no immediate workaround
  • Medium – an issue that has an available workaround until it can be addressed
  • Low – a general query that does not require immediate attention

Response and target resolution times:

  • Critical: response
  • High: response
  • Medium: response
  • Low: response

Get the support you need with the customer service you deserve.

Contact us today.